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Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl: Natural, Nutritious and Delicious Wholefood Recipes to Nourish Body and Soul - David Bailey, Charlotte Bailey

I love to cook and try out new recipes and couldn't have been more delighted when I had won 'Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl:...' in a giveaway.

The first thing I noticed before opening the book was the lovely texture. Secondly was the size, which was just right for me. I don't really like books that can be large and cumbersome for my bookcase! As for recipes, they certainly made my mouth water. Each recipe has a few lines about where it originated from, what goes best etc. Even down to suggesting not to use if about to go on a date, which made me smile. The recipes seem to be easy to follow, with plenty of illustrations.

As it is summer, I shall be wanting to try some of the salad recipes. I love beetroot, so the first recipe that I will make is the Brazilian Biribando Salad. It isn't often that I will eat dessert, but on a hot summer's day, the thought of 'Brown Sugar Meringues with Orange Blossom and Saffron Cream and fresh raspberries' would go down a treat.

I do highly recommend this book.