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The Policewoman
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Life or Death - Michael Robotham

Wow…  what a rollercoaster of a book!  This is the first time that I have read a Michael     Robotham book and I am now eager to read more by this author.


 I never write a synopsis as usually one only repeats what the author has already written in his.  Plus I also feel it takes the enjoyment out of a book when one knows too much of what the story is about.


I loved the character of Audie Palmer.  Despite spending time in prison, I had the feeling that he was not the type of person that should be in prison.  All is revealed as the story progresses.  If I were in Audie’s shoes, I would have made my escape much sooner!  The ending was quite emotional and did pull a little at my heartstrings.  Such a shame when i finished the last page, as I wanted more.


I highly recommend this book, which I received from Netgalley in return for an honest review.